Monday, September 24, 2012

Hi Everyone
Well here we are,
 45% off everything!
The last week of the going out of business sale already, wow.
It really hit me on Saturday when I walked in the store, the finallity of it all. How fast the last
few weeks have gone by and how fast this week will go by....and then *poof* it's over, done.

One more time I want to give my sincere thanks for your support over the years,
the wonderful emails, and taking the time to just come in and say
"good bye" or "I'll be seeing ya!" You really have softened the hard decision I had to make.
I will hold all of you in my heart.....


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Cynthia Marie Pettigrew said...


I haven't been to Sumner in a very long time and drove by your store today to see it closed. I am sorry to see it was closed but do wish you the very best for you and your families future.

Bless you! I hope to see your Etsy shop open soon!!


Cindy Pettigrew