Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This Just In.....

Pink Paislee's

London Market
I have it all!  But the Thread Spool Tops sold out before I could get this posted, more are on the way though!

Also Spring Jubilee everything BUT the 12x12 

6x6 of  She Art by Christy Tomlinson

And the Fabulous lines from MME~ Rhonna Farrer
with in these two lines I have the stamps, 12x12 & 6x6 papers.

"Be Happy"

"Be Amazing"


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

and then there will be Cranes.....

I am sure that when my son Derrick (who did this fabulous crane) teaches me how to do this I will be hooked on yet again on a little more origami.  (I thought that you would like this awesome frame Derrick!)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kusudama Flower Crazay!

For one thing I cannot believe that I didn't even know how to make this flower when I first noticed it last Christmas in the store next to mine.  It was an ornament for the tree.  Then I went to a baby shower and it was the center pieces on all the tables.  Then I go to Etsy and it is ALL OVER in there.  But what the HECK is it called!  After searching relentlessly I finally find it.  Kusudama Flower!  Unbelievable.  Origami.  Of course.  Apparently I have the only origami book in all the land that did not have this in it.  So any how, .....after making one petal I couldn't stop. I have been making them for weeks!  WEEKS I tell you!  Addicting?...um, yeah. I have indents in my thumbnails from all the folding.  Now I was going to post a whole bunch of pics showing you how to do it, but I am having some technical difficulty (surprise, surprise) uploading my photos.  I used an old dictionary for my paper, and cut it in 3in. x 3in. squares. So here is the website that I learned from www.origami-instructions.com  they have LOTS of direction on there.  To make the ball as shown you will need 70 squares of paper.  Each flower has 5 petals. and I glued the flowers into groups of three.  When done making your groups you should have 4 clusters.  Now all you have to do is is piece them together and then add a ribbon for hanging and maybe some sort of embellishment for the flower centers.   
  Happy Folding!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

German Foils...

The chicks and bunnies are back for Easter! 
 New pink bunnies and yellow chicks.