Thursday, March 3, 2011

Slow down and read the directions

So you may have noticed that some pictures had and have disappeared.  You may have noticed that.... hmmm didn't she already post about that?

 Welcome to my tech-tard world!
 Did any of you when you were in high school have that ONE teacher that said "Good morning everyone, today we will be having a pop quiz! Be sure to write your name at the top of your paper, read all the directions and good luck to you!"  So you write your name (in your most awesomely big huge curly~que writing, and if you were lucky enough to have an I in it you got to dot it with a heart ) and start in on problem one, not reading the directions, of course.  You work feverishly because you all know you wanted to be the first one to complete the pop quiz, after 10 minutes you finally reach the bottom of the paper when you notice that question number 15 is not a question at all but simply states, "If you had read the directions to this quiz you would have known that you only had to write your name on your paper, read all the questions and turn it over once you were done reading.  Always read your directions first."


....yes, this did happen to me.  And no, I did not learn my lesson.  I still don't read ALL the directions.

I use picasa for my photos on the blog, I was just deleting photos left and right that I didn't need anymore. They were taking up space....just cleaning things up.  Ooops.  Yeah, don't do that. They just delete themselves right off your blog.   Then you retake the pics, put them back in your post. Whew ok we're back to good now.... ummm....wait a how come my post is todays date and not the original posting date? 

 I would probably save myself alot of work if I would just slow down and read the directions.


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Anonymous said...

Oh man, I am so right with ya there girl!!! The tech world and I have a somewhat strained relationship...I love what all it can do....I just can't make it do it all!
Keep on keeping on!!

Tonya said...

Where's the fun in following directions? :) I only learn things the hard way.