Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Look what I found...

Ok, I know I saw this idea awhile ago somewhere, I think it was like a shoe one though....but I finally found one I like...TADA!

I got it at Marshall's on Sunday...$14.99!  They only have like a hundred of them.
Many color combos to pick from.  They are double sided so there are 66 pockets to fill.  I think we all have enough goodies to fill those pockets! (not  a problem here.)
Here are all my valentines that I am working on. They all still need some tweeking, but you get the idea.

Show me what you are working are all inspiration to me!


jen said...

Those are gorgeous!!!! What lucky valentine's you have!!
LOVE the organizer- and it's PRETTY!!!!

Shelley Heck said...

OMG, I never thought to use it for craft organizing! I have one that I purchased from Marshall's about 2 months ago and it hangs empty in my powder room. It's going to my craft room now! Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! You do beautiful work!


Anonymous said...

Love the cards...even tho they are 'untweaked' !
I saw a similar organizer at Tuesday Morning last evening...and stood there a while looking at it, thinking it certainly would be good for organizing something! but didn't think I had any wall or door space for it . But looking at yours and spying the small bottles standing upside down ~Yreka! A grand place for the stickles bottles that really need to be stored upside down! Shall head back there tomorrow after work and pick one up...and come @#!% or high water...will find me some wall space!Thanks a bunch for the inspiraton!
Lu C

colleenak said...


Cathy B said...

I use a full-size shoe hanger for my large punches. Works great!
Love the valentines. I've been doing Valentines for my husband (trying to do 1 a day from Feb 1-14). What a great excuse to play with paper and glitter!

cindy holshouser said...

That organizer is cool. Never thought about it but that would be a neat way to stor acrylic paint bottles too. I am overdue for a visit to Paper Muse!